To the Dreamers

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When people ask “How are you??” the typical response is “Oh good, but busy.”

Why do we fill and fill and fill our lives??

When did it become taboo to take a second to rest, think, pray or dream?

Oh, and when did saying “Thanks, but no thanks” to a social event so you can curl up and watch a movie become a guilt trip??

I’m over it.

Truth be told, I love being up in the clouds. I embrace Hallmark movies with open arms. you know, the kind of dazing where people probably think you’re staring into their souls? but you’re totally zoned out, thinking about nothing in particular? Totally me.

I go to coffee shops alone sometimes and intentionally not listen to music, not read, just journal and dream. After years of doing this (and seasons of not doing it!), I can vouch that it has kept me sane.

And here’s the thing! The more time you spend keeping yourself emotionally, spiritually and physically healthy, the better you will be able to love and serve others.

Seriously, try it.

Schedule a retreat for yourself. Wherever you’re at in life. Escape from school, work, husband, kids, pets, etc. and go treat yourself.

I’m not talking about spending boatloads of money pampering or shopping, there are many many ways to experience this rejuvenation. Find what fills you! Try a new class at the gym, spend an hour journaling, hiking, or just walk around your neighborhood.

Let’s pause for a confession: I may or may not have driven slowly around other people’s neighborhoods in town just to admire the architecture. It’s cleansing!)

Be intentional about finding time to let your mind wander. Process things you usually don’t because of _______. Read if you want to. Go sit on a rock in the forest and cry (totally done that too). Go visit the beach when you’re on top of the world!

I love journaling too because when my dreamer mode gets going, Lord knows what’s gonna end up on that page.

brb. Dying while reading this stuff.

That thing that I thought would be fun or a good idea that never took off? Hilarious!! That time I thought the world was ending because the first date when terribly? lol. please. (more of those stories to come on a future blog post, I’m sure)

It’s only fitting to share five of my current or recent dreams. Take them for what it’s worth, but inspiration for you to start your own list.

  • Open a coffee shop called old soul coffee. cause I happily admit am a grandma. and I love coffee! All the drinks would have names like “Mildred” or “Frederick”
  • Have a big ranch style house on an acre or two with a house full of dirty kids and happy dogs.
  • Move to Seattle (might be mutually exclusive with the one above for obvious reasons, but, hey, a girl can dream)
  • Buy a bunch of homes, fix them up one by one and then have endless projects, rental income and I’m able to invest in and develop my community.
  • Get to the end of my life content with how I’ve lived it, and then looking forward to meeting Jesus!

Like any sport, habit or hobby, it takes time and intentionality to dream. when I focus on keeping a regular routine to this practice, I find myself much more able to give and serve during the other parts of my day. My mind is less cluttered, less anxious, and more content.

Don’t let the world clutter up your soul with endless chores. Don’t be afraid to be a dreamer. Write all that crazy stuff down, talk it over with a friend, or most importantly, pray about it.

Here’s my toast to you, the dreamers and soon to be:

Find what fills YOU. Be mindful of making time for YOU. Build YOU up so you can pour into the world.

Cheers to many notebooks being filled, a good laugh and a good cry!

❤ Stephanie

to the dreamers


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