Loving your Sanctuary

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One of my favorite things to do at the end of a day is come home and clean.

Weird… I know. Don’t hate. It’s my cheap therapy. I make a cup of hot tea (or wine), put on loud country music, and go for it.

But, let’s be real, there are days like today that I come home, make Ramen, and promptly snuggle into the couch and do nothing.

Everything in moderation, right?!

This got me thinking…

Is it just me?? On a bad day, I tend to take my home/apartment/room for granted. My sanctuary quickly turns into a pile of dishes, the 99 outfits I tried on this morning, and a pile of endless dog toys. Ugh.

How quickly I forget just how blessed I am! I have a roof over my head, hot water in my shower, and wifi so my roommate and I can actually function as humans. 😉

Don’t feel guilty for those moments. Enjoy those lazy days–heck, sleep in till noon on a Saturday, but don’t forget to give your place a little love every once in a while!

Here are some of my go-to’s:


If you have 5 minutes:

Pick up all the dirty clothes on the floor, tug the sheets up on the bed, and put the 10 (!) throw pillows back on the bed. Put the stack of papers on the desk into a cleaner-looking pile, and plug in an air freshener or light a candle for a final touch.


If anyone other than your best friend suddenly announces they’ll be there in 20:

Throw all the dogs toys, blankies, pillows into the kennel (someone’s spoiled…whoops), fluff the pillows on the couch, spray Febreze in a few spots (my favorites are behind the couch cushions, on curtains, and on the rug in the bathroom) Grab the dust buster and vacuum up any visible crumbs, and light a candle. Voila. Enjoy your night!


If you have 30 minutes:

Clorox wipe the kitchen and bathroom counters, wipe off the fridge and oven while you’re at it. Vacuum and Swiffer mop the floors. Shake out the floor mats outside, and finish the dishes. Proceed to make more dirty dishes.



If you get ambitious:

Get after those dusty baseboards with Pledge and a rag! Clean glass surfaces and mirrors, change bedsheets, and scrub the toilet. Empty all the trash cans and recycle what you can. Mow the lawn (if you have it), weed the garden or plant flowers or herbs. I’m convinced playing in the dirt is God’s gift to the stressed–just don’t forget to take Claritin or else…

And for the cherry on top, add my ultimate favorite–rearrange furniture, art or decor! Even the smallest change can make it feel new and clean.



Part of love I’ve learned the hard way is GRACE. Don’t forget to give it to yourself. You deserve it. If the vacuuming gets skipped or the dishes pile up, let them be. They will still be there tomorrow.

Go flop on your unmade bed.

Go enjoy the company of your favorite people.

Go nowhere, and just be home.

❤ Stephanie


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