Fighting Discontentment


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“Is this what I’m doing for the rest of my life??”

“Is God calling me to stay here?!”

“I’m not good enough at my job, it’s going to take so long to learn what I need to know…”

“I’ll never be as good as _______”

Hopefully, I’m not the only one who thinks these things every once in a while. When I face these moments of insecurity, doubt or discontentment with my job, life or relationships, it’s easy to sit in my own pity party.

It is too easy to look over the fence and see how green the grass is just… over… there.

“So and so works half the hours I do and makes double doing it.”

“So and so gets to play with preschoolers all day.”

“So and so doesn’t even work!”

I hate admitting that on a bad day, I think these things. I know. I’m a bad human.

It’s in these moments I reach out to God in prayer, hoping that with a snap of his fingers everything will be better. After praying through this a couple times, and getting the “Just wait, you’ll see!” I’ve realized that His plan trumps mine. Every time.

Someone told me once (or I read it somewhere):

 “We are not called to coast, or be workaholics, but simply to engage the life we’ve been given.”

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This inspired me so much that now it lives on a well-worn, not-even-sticky-anymore purple post-it on my computer. It rings true in my career choice especially, because of the infinite possibilities with architecture. How often do I mentally check out at 4:45 when I know there’s work to be done? or the opposite–stay an extra three hours because I want to work through a design problem?

Let’s just start here. Neither of these is healthy. Work shouldn’t be something we do just to check a box. It also shouldn’t be a priority over your faith, family, health, and relationships.

Ask questions, but shut up and listen too.

Do your research, but don’t be too prideful to ask for help.

Look ahead, but enjoy what’s happening now.

Be ready to learn, but be willing to teach also.

Just simply engage.

❤ Stephanie

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