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I’ve come to a realization.

Our world is draining.

Anyone else??

Our physical, emotional and spiritual tanks always seem to run on empty. We pride ourselves it seems on how much stuff we can fit into our schedule, constantly hopping from one activity to the next.

My dad always told me growing up (and still does when I get crazy!) that life is all about balance.

He’s so right!

We have to balance the outpouring of our physical bodies with proper nutrition, exercise, and rest.

We have to balance the emotional energy we expend with mental stillness and meditation.

We have to balance the spiritual serving we do with stillness, soaking in His goodness and grace through scripture.

We did an exercise last year in life group that made us keep track of every hour of our time for a week. Of course, it happened to be a week that my priorities were completely out of whack. Obviously. My schedule was heavy on work (duh) and home remodel projects (more on that later)–leaving little to no time for self care. No gym, no porch sitting, none of that. What little “free time” I had was spent doing either routine commitments that I had made but no longer brought me joy, or me being a zombie in front of the tv. Gross. Hardly a role model for anyone!

This awakened a new fire inside of me. To find the sweet spot, if you will. How could I still do the things I loved–work, spending time with family and friends, and caring for my home and not go absolutely insane?! There had to be a secret.

Here’s the key.

Find what fuels you.

Find your thing, and do it well.

It may be something that is already in your schedule. Or it may be something you’ve never thought of before. Prioritize those things to center you. For me, as weird as it sounds it’s definitely cleaning. Cleaning fuels me in a way that I really don’t understand. I love spending an hour by the sink scrubbing dishes. I throw on my messy bun and grubby clothes, grab a glass of wine and blast some Thomas Rhett radio while I tackle the mess.



An actual picture of my kitchen in last weekend after an impromptu dinner party. Yay dishes!



Or, it’s getting up early, ditching my usual morning gym routine to just sit at a coffee shopΒ or on my back porch and read the Bible or a good book. What may seem like a complete waste of time, with nothing physical accomplished, fills me immensely. The joy that overflows is motivation enough to schedule this time into my busy life.

relaxing.jpgBring your thing intentionally into priority. You may have to say no to things. People might even be disappointed! But when they see that you are physically, emotionally and spiritually healthier for managing your time better, they will surely be thankful.

What’s been your fuel lately?? I’d love to hear how you do you. πŸ˜‰

❀ Stephanie



4 thoughts on “Fuel

  1. My fuel is my daily time with Jesus on my mom’s front porch swing with a warm cup of coffee. Once I have that, I can just go and I’ve also learned alot about pacing myself. I actually am coming to a place in my life where I am trying to do less and feel more relaxed and satisfied at the end of the day then trying to do everything and arrive home exhausted. Its all about Balance but when you intentionally make time for Jesus, his strength reigns in your life or at least mine in miraculous ways!


  2. Hi Stephanie! The thing that keeps me centred is most definitely writing. If I’m writing regularly I feel a sense of accomplishment. And I LOVE reading too, and that feeds into my writing. So these are the main things that excite me and keep me motivated.

    Definitely agree with what your dad says about balance – that’s a key principle, I feel. Peace and blessings! Steven πŸ˜ŠπŸ™πŸ»


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