Seeking Blossoms

On an early morning in “spring”, my dad and I headed out coffee in hand to explore one of our own natural blessings in our hometown. The Blossom Trail!! I took my allergy medicine (duh!) and, with coffee in one hand, camera in the other, we chased the sunrise! I shot with my Canon T7i and 50mm prime f/1.8 lens for everything. He shot film, and I can’t wait to see what beauty he captured, too!


This shot through the grass was one of those ones you take on a whim, not sure what the result will be, but it ended up being one of my favorites from that day. Who knew that grass on the side of a dusty, one-lane road could be so beautiful!?


While pushing the aperture wide as possible to get a shallow depth of field, I missed a bunch of shots because the depth of the flowers got cut out! So, an important lesson learned = take a couple shots of the same image composition at different focal lengths to compare when you’re looking at it RAW later!

This would’ve been a much better image with just a touch deeper focal length to get all the drips clearer! Bummer.


This image is another one of my favorites. The colors are rich and yet warm and cool all at the same time! May or may not be my new desktop wallpaper at work…



If you look closely, you can see the frost on these buds. Sad, knowing that the crops are hurting, but a unique twist on the typical blossom photo!

A few more favorites from that day are below, but this quote rings true!

_quote template-01

The quality time spent with my old man was worth more than any of these images. Cheers to exploring, behind the camera and, more importantly, exploring with people you love!


❤ Stephanie

seeking blossoms.jpg


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