If you need a laugh:

  • Check out John Mulaney on YouTube. Funniest comedian I’ve found lately. Maybe has some naughty words, so don’t watch this one with your mom. Unless she’s a cool mom. A friend and I often stay up too late, watching reruns of his stand up.
  • or @womenirl (Women In Real Life) on Instagram. If you can’t tell by now, I love seeing pieces of creative work that break down the idea that everyone’s lives are perfect. This account picks photos from the #womenirl hashtag, and reposts the best of the best. Comical stories of crying over spilled milk and the worst-case-scenario.
  • or read Beauty Beyond Bones, one of my favorite blogs I found online. She tells honest, real life stories about dating, home, and pop culture. All with the transparency and humor that make you laugh from your gut.

If you need inspiration:

  • check out ATTN: videos on their Facebook. Quick, attention-grabbing videos that highlight new programs, heroes, businesses or organizations. From what I’ve seen, there is such a great variety that you’ll definitely learn something new every time.
  • look at @peterlik or @chrisburkard on Instagram. Both of these guys have photos that will blow your mind. They both highlight God’s beautiful earth with amazing nature shots that make me want to quit everything and just go travel.

If you need a good cry:

  • Watch This is Us on NBC.com. If you haven’t watched this show yet, DO IT. The best of the best, since early Grey’s Anatomy episodes. Heart-wrenching tales of a family, their adult lives and how their childhoods shaped them.

If you need encouragement:

  • read Bittersweet by Shauna Niequist. When life seems to be at it’s most fragile, rock-bottom, drowning in brokenness, this book breathes new life into your soul. She shares sweet reminders that all is not in vain, beauty comes from ashes, and learning to have grace with yourself.

If you need to vent:

  • play racquetball. Enough said.